Lots of Room
for Individualists

Traditional building culture and modern, sustainable architecture are seamlessly combined into living rooms.

One House
Multiple Options

Following its conversion from farmhouse to holiday house, the Büretenhof offers its guests living and usable space of approximately 386 square metres with room for 16 to 20 people. The house can be divided into two separate units. Each unit has spacious lounges, a modern kitchen, four double bedrooms and two or three bathrooms for a maximum of eight or eight to twelve people.
Our farm can be booked as a single unit or as either of the two halves.

Being Together

At the heart of the apartments are the common rooms. In one apartment, the spacious barn with its gallery and open stairs dominates the living area, in the other, the original preserved farmhouse parlour with the "Chunst", the heating oven with a bench seat serving as the social centre.
the Parlour
In the historic parlour, you can sit comfortably under the "Herrgottswinkel" (the Lord’s corner) or on the comfortable stove bench at the "Chunst", the tiled stove.
the Barn
The barn offers two levels and provides simultaneously a feeling of community and places to retreat.
Prices range between 35 € and 45 € per person per night, depending on season and occupancy. More detailed information can be found here:

High-quality features in listed architecture

In the Büretenhof one experiences a contrast of creaking, untreated wooden planks and rooms with pleasant floor heating. There are rooms with a ceiling height of 1.80 metres in the historic rooms and up to five metres in the extended barn. In the bedrooms, there are occasionally low beam heights, under which one humbly passes.
For reasons of preservation, the door heights and stairs do not always conform to the standard DIN dimensions.

The luxury lies in experiencing the original, in the merging of old building fabric and modern design.
The two kitchens, the fireplace room, the lounge, the living room, the fountain and the eight bedrooms and five bathrooms are distributed over the garden level, first floor and attic level. Balconies, a terrace and a large yard complement the rooms on the exterior.
We are proud that with the support of many people from the old farm we were able to create a place of conviviality, of encounter, a place for friends with friends.